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About our store

The Belgian Classics store is owned by Liesbet Schietecatte, and was started by Gino and Frieda Adriaensen. The store has been passed on from one Belgian to another and hopes to bring many wonderful Belgian inspired products to the Cape.

The Belgian Classics store aims to bring some of the food heritage of Belgium to South Africa by using local ingredients and producing these old traditional favorites locally. Sometimes with a twist! 


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We Stock

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Gluten Free

We now sell gluten free waffles for you to enjoy​.

Ready to make

Our products are made fresh and sold either fresh or frozen.

Just heat them at home and enjoy.

We deliver

Delivery is currently R50 for  deliveries within most of the Cape Town suburbs and surrounds.

For courier the costs are R200.

Every Week

We deliver goods every two weeks. See delivery details page for more information.

Most of our goods can be frozen, or kept at room temperature for a sufficient amount of time.

We are open in Lockdown!

We are licensed and open to operate during the lockdown. As per law we can deliver uncooked food to you either fresh or frozen. We practice strict social distancing measures and top food hygiene standards.


Contact us today for any inquiries you may have about our products, delivery process or suppliers. Dont hesitate to get in touch. We aim to provide the best customer experience when you order our classic Belgian products.

Our current delivery areas are listed below. For more details see our delivery details page. We apologize for any inconvenience caused if we cannot supply to your area at the moment. We hope in future that we can supply our classic Belgian goods to you in other areas as well. 

General Contact

Liesbet Schietecatte
Phone: +27 73 255 2445
E-mail: lschietecatte@yahoo.com

Delivery Areas

Greater Cape Town
Cape Winelands

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Customer Testimonials

Dear Belgian Classics, I just would like to thank you for the delivery of waffles made to my family. I had informed my family to expect 'a delivery' but they did not know what it was going to be. When my son informed me that the delivery had arrived he used words like "fresh, fresh waffles"... "they look amazing"..."steam coming out still" and when they were eating them : " they are so fresh. it's great!..." and " Bahi absolutely loves them". Thank you very much for making this surprise a great success.
waffle with chocolate icon
Vera Ghiassi-Razavi

We are currently delivering every Friday as per our delivery schedule. For any questions: Email Liesbet lschietecatte@yahoo.com